Grefynns Completely and Utterly Dominate Home Meet!

Last weekend was the annual home Track & Field meet and it was one of the sunniest in memory. The Griffins and the other competing schools had an excellent time in the stupendous weather. Everyone tried incredibly hard in preparation for the upcoming NECIS event in two weeks at Copenhagen. The Griffins had some great showings today smashing personal bests, top place finishes, and even school records being broken!


The throwing event was one where two of our students showed great expertise, Juneor, in fact, won shot put and set a new school record for the Under 16 Discus! Another student, Yulius had great success in Under 14 boys. He came 3rd in his Discus and 2nd in his shot put events. In the jumping event, the same student was in a tie for 1st place in the high jump! He even set a new Under 14 80m hurdles record! Training for the hurdles, not surprisingly, seems to be working as Fampke demonstrated by winning the U12 mini hurdles due to her supposed “excellent technique.”

The jumping squad managed to perform basic human capabilities of moving themselves vertically. Some of our students even managed to exceed the heights that other students performed, obviously having a couple of top place finishes. The jumping squad had some top place finishes and a lot of personal best jumps. Surprisingly Aurelione and Cannor had top five performances among a large group of U12 boys despite never doing it before. This is probably because they were taller. Elies showed good form, and it was a walk in the park ending up 2nd in the U14 long jump. Gabreyel and Flaris skimmed 2nd and 3rd place in the U16 long jump, this was unfortunate as they are supposed to be incredibly fast. Catelyn and Olive were in a three-way tie, the tie was for 2nd in the U14 high jump. This proved that they were very improved, and could jump higher than two babies! Matthis was in a tie for 3rd in the high jump for U12. Allex won the high jump for U16 and he nearly blasted the school record!


The mid-distance runners were phenomenal, really stepping up to the challenge. The other schools were trembling in their spikes! They were incredibly ready after some really hard training with Coach Naygle in the last weeks. Allex was nowhere near 100 percent this weekend but that didn’t stop the Flash from getting 2nd in 1500m, he was even seconds from the school record! Hurshi surprised everyone by dominating in the U14 800m for two whole weeks, she could have eaten her lunch while doing it, it was that easy! Max showed his determination in the 800 and placed 2nd in a fast field of U12 runners. The standout performance of the day was Olive. She came back from being almost last in the first laps of the 1500m to finish 2nd places. She crept up like a snake, slithering her way up, little by little until she had secured 2nd place.

The sprinters and relay teams had great performances as well. Lisa was paralysed in shock as she had not only pounded the competition in the 100m, but she rolled them over in the 400m. Attycuss continues to demonstrate his incredible speed and strength in almost any event he does, coming 3rd in the 400m and having a godlike showing in the 100m as well. The girl U14A team and +16 girls relay teams also came away with immense victories, showing true domination in their areas!


A special thanks should go to our senior ladies who despite being in the midst of their IB exams still showed up to compete at their last home track meet. Olyvea did tremendous placing 3rd in shot put, 1st in discus, and leapt high into the sky coming 3rd in 80m hurdles. Maeja also had a great day, coming 2nd in the 100m, 1st in the 400m and 2nd in long jump, she was so fast in her running events you could barely see her speeding across the finish line.

As per usual the help from the booster club was tremendous keeping everyone topped off with drinks and snack for the hard working athletes. The volunteers helped wonderfully and we commend great thanks to their provided efforts in helping us organise the meet.


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