Most Inspirational Play of Our Generation!

From April 27th to April 29th, debatably of the most inspirational plays of our generation took place in our school’s fine arts theater! The middle school play You Only Eat Pasta Once had many people laughing out of their socks. This play was action packed, funny, and very romantic. It was produced and written by our fine arts director. It was about a secret agency called MI6, who fought against evil. The main actors and actresses were truly inspiring. Even their featured actors of evil pasta and a can of coke made the play much more intriguing. This brought the attention of all food lovers including myself to the play. The originality of the plot and characters is truly what created the inspirational affect of this show.

34370303096_10158c79f9_kThis is an Image of the Helga sisters, who are helpers of the evil villain, Don Chameleone.

This original play will forever be an inspiration to other playwrights. The main characters in this play were very creatively named. This includes Jayne Blonde the secret agent, M for MI6, and Moneybag for MI6 as well. The originality of this play is incredible. The plot includes an evil villain, “Don Cameleone”, who is a mafia leader that wants to take over the world. His plans then run into a major problem. This problem’s name is Jayne Blonde, a secret agent. This is definitely an unseen plot that is groundbreaking for the artform of theater.

During the play an incredible line was delivered in an airplane scene by the beloved Jayne Blonde. She said, “Shaken, not stirred”, when asking for a can of coke. This line was spoken when Jayne Blonde was offered a drink by an airplane hostess. The airplane hostess proceeded to shake the can of coke, open it, and it exploded into a hilarious mess. 

Many play critics believe that this completely original play will inspire other playwrights and movie writers to copy it and add odd twists to the plot. The play also includes a very inspirational character named “Don Cameleone”. As mentioned earlier, this play’s ideas and character names are 100% the ideas and thoughts of the writer. The idea of this play came from the wonderful mind of our Fine Arts Director. This play is one of a kind and a genius creation that our school will forever be proud of. He deserves a round of applause.

If there is one thing to take out of this theatrical anomaly, it’s that the play was definitely not inspired by 007 or Godfather, and it will forever change the art of theater.