Twenty-two U12/14 athletes were in brussels on Saturday the 13th of May. They set out for Brussels in order to destroy the competition and hone in their skills by going to this last competition. This was helpful in preparation for NECIS the next weekend.

There were many of our school’s athletes that competed in Brussels, all planning on going out there and running their hearts out. They all were going for gold, many finishing top three in their respective competitions!

The people who didn’t quite reach the top three still generally were able to get 4th place which is very respectable and impressive.

In total there were 2 first place medals in U12 boys, 1 second place medal, and 1 third place medal. In U12 girls there were no first place finishes, 1 second place finish, and 1 third place finish. U14 girls finished with 2 first place medals.

The real show was the U14 boys! They came out firing on all cylinders. The first mention of the day is for one U14 boy. He was able to finish 1st place in 3 different events! Everyone is convinced that he didn’t even break a sweat! This kept him going strong through the whole day. Another amazing athlete was able to secure two second place finishes for U14. Yet another U14 boy was able to finish first and second in his races. The final two places were a very impressive 4th place by the last U14 boy who was there. When this U14 team was asked about their competition, their response was simply calling it a warm-up!

In all of these boys’ next competition you could clearly see why they called it a warm-up. The Grefynn’s U14 boys had to compete in one more race. This was a race that they’d pour their hearts into. They had everyone in augh by their amazing warm-up where they were able to destroy the competition, so all four boys competing in a relay race together was sure to end in blood, sweat, and tears for the competition. The boys all knew that this was going to be easy before the race even started! They blew all the other relay teams out of the park, only leaving behind a trail of dust. Multiple spectators of this event report seeing one of our boys reading as he crossed the finish line! This may have slowed down their running, and probably made the race closer. However, they were still able to complete the race a close 30 meters ahead of the competition. 

This was a big weekend to boost the confidence of our young athletes right before NECIS. Many of our schools’ athletes have made the school proud and achieved personal bests. They have also made us proud by being very well behaved throughout the day. It was a great track meet, so let’s hope for this grefynns performance during NECIS!


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