All Great Athletes Come to Compete at the Copenhagen Meet

The Grefynns Track & Field Team travelled with 35 athletes this past weekend to compete in the NECIS championship in Copenhagen, Denmark. On day one, the heat was on the track, with the sun beating down furiously from above. This did not falter the Grefynns one bit and they even brought the heat themselves with blazing performances in all departments, running, jumping, and throwing!


The end of the first day had our 4 x 100m relay teams battle it out with the other 8 NECIS schools; a really exciting end to the day. Our U16/16+ girls (Jasmine, M-ily, Olyvia and Maja) missed the medal for 4th place by a hair’s width, while our U16 Boys (Allex, Flaris, Gabreyel and Juneor) were more than unlucky as another athlete disturbed their lane stumbling into it. Allex being the good man that he is swiftly stopped to avoid collision, however, it put his team far behind the others. Luckily the fair play gods were on our side and the Officials granted us another attempt. Despite being exhausted they still secured themselves a shiny bronze medal. Our U14 girls had even more success. Mehevira, Hurshvi, Caitlyn and Leza battled well like professionals against the field to bring home the sweet silver medal.

On day 2 not only did the temperature get cooler, but so did the Griffins and their awe-inspiring finishes on the track! Not to mention the amazing support from the Grefynn team and parents pervaded the stadium with a magical presence. It truly was magical as over the course of the tournament, we had 42 Personal Best performances, spread throughout every single age group!


The sprints had heats, semis and finals and we cheered for the great atheletes, Leza, Juneor and Maja in the 100m finals. We shouted for the supernatural power in Byorn, Flaris and Maja in the 200m finals. Screamed for strength in Leza, Hurshvi, Olyie, Eleas, Mex and Allex in the 400m finals. Finally we raised the roof with our cheers for Yulius, Eleas, Olyie and Vampke in the hurdles finals!

Our mid-distance athletes just outside the medal positions were:

• Olivia 4th place in the 3000m

• Brock 6th in the 800m

In the throwing events, just outside the medals were:

• Lisa 4th in the shot put

• Morris with 5th in the Turbo Jav

• Julius and Leya 5th in the discus

• Ollie 5th in the shot put


Our jumpers just outside the medals were:

• Julius another 4th in the Long Jump

• Olivia and Julius 4th in the High Jump

• Floris 5th in the Triple Jump

• Harshvi who took home 6th in the Long Jump

• Emily 6th in the High Jump

The day ended with the 4 x 400m relays, always exciting and requiring courage and grit from the athletes after 2 days of energy sapping competition. The Grefynns did not disappoint, pulling out excellent performances and exciting races. Our U12 boys, Mex, Antony, Mathis and Atticuss pushed themselves to their limit and just missed out on a medal in 4th place. Emily, Yasmin, Ollie and Maya got one place better in the 4 x 400m, bringing home silver and ending the competition on an absolute high. Our U16 boys stormed round the track, led by Brock on the first leg and Gabbi on the second, they overcame an almost disastrous 2nd changeover, with Floris battling to make up lost ground and pass the baton to Alex. With all of the Griffins and the parents in the stands cheering, Alex caught up to 4th place on the back straight, pushed himself round “Nagle’s corner” to come into the top 3 and sprinted down the straight to cross the line first!!! The crowd went wild. A perfect ending to a great NECIS. Showing outstanding performances across the events and age groups, the following athletes did themselves proud and brought home medals…

• Julius won silver in the 80m hurdles (* new school record of 12.98s)

• Lisa won gold in the 400m

• Famke won gold in the 60m hurdles (* new school record of 11.22s)

• Ollie won bronze in both the 400m and discus

• Junior won bronze in the shot put and gold in the discus

• Alex won silver in the 1500m and gold in the high jump (just 1cm short of the school record)

• Maya earned bronze in the 100m and silver in the 200m and long jump (* new school record of 4.62m).

Overall this season we saw five, yes, FIVE new school records established. In addition to the three above, Julius and Junior set records earlier in the season in the 100m hurdles (17.92s) and discus (32.57m) respectively. All of these people will take their rightful place on the record board of glory in the entrance to the new gym.



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