Beware!! Every kid’s NIGHTMARE is back..

For the past few days, the poor students of an International school in Antwerp are awake until midnight like vampires and are really stressed. The very reason behind their misery is EXAM! Yes viewers, you read it right, exams are actually back!! The students will have the exams or what the teacher’s call “summative assessments” starting from the 29th of May and will end on the 2nd of June.

Despite the fact that most of the students despise exams, they are quite important. Exams are a way to test the student’s knowledge and to see if the student actually understands what the teacher is explaining.

For the middle schoolers the classes will be the same but for grade 9, the students have to come before the exams start and can leave school directly after the exams are done. The subjects that grade 9 students will be tested on will be Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), History, Geography, English(if the student is native), Dutch(if the student is native), French(if the student is native), and German(if the student is native).

As this International school follows the MYP programme the test will be graded on different criteria. Even though this system is new to the school, both the students and the teachers are trying really hard to adapt this new system.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.50.32 PM.png

At the beginning, the students were really stressed about the examinations. However, as time passed with the support of the teachers, they got better in understanding the criteria system. As a result their confidence level increased.

The students are still nervous but if they have worked hard, then they should get a good report.



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