Fidget Spinner Trend Swallows School Whole!

This past month there has been a trend that has rapidly engulfed our school. This trend is a product called Fidget Spinners. This worldwide trend has come to our school through media and advertisements of the product. This product has given students something to “help them focus more during class.”

These toys are often justified in our school by how they are advertised. Almost all advertisements say that fidget spinners are used to help with ADHD and fidgeting issues. This means they would help with concentration during class. In our school there has definitely been positive uses for these products.


This is an image of the average person’s fidget spinner collection

The affects that fidget spinners have had on students has been immense. Sometimes there are periods where you just feel like falling asleep. These class times where the teacher is talking for hours, sometimes even days, no longer matter to students. They are able to play with their fidget spinners under desks while the teacher is talking. This gives a positive outcome for both the student and the teacher because they are totally silent toys. This means the teacher will think you’re paying attention, making him or her happy. The student also benefits in effort grade because they’re not sleeping during class time.

This product is so effective during class time because it’s quiet noise. Tests show that you can only hear the fidget spinner from 30 meters away. This test was carried out by our track and field runners during their Brussels meet. It was carried out when the second place team was seen running with one of these spinners in their hand. It was noticed by our runners when they heard an odd noise coming from the opposing athlete. According to the athletes, the noise was not mistakable. They knew someone had a fidget spinner and all they had to do is look for who it was. They were able to use their athlete vision to see the spinner in the runner’s hand.

Another reason why this toy is so secretive during class time is because of the small movement required for using it. When a student is playing with the toy while doing work with the other hand, it is hardly noticeable. It’s even more casual and unnoticeable when the student puts down their pen, brings their other hand under the desk then spins the spinner again. This whole line of events becomes even more unbelievably believable when that classic fidget spinner noise is revived at the same time as the student’s hand goes under the desk.

There is no question why this trend got so big at our school. There’s a long list of trends that were notorious at our school. This trend list includes: Dabbing, Whip/Nae Nae, an app called and many others.  This list is now joined by fidget spinners.

This trend is so clearly positive for use in schools. This positive affect ranges from affects on teachers to affects on students. Students will no longer want to sleep in those dreadful classes, and teachers will no longer downgrade these students for sleeping. This gadget works perfectly for any students who struggle at paying attention or have ADHD. This is because it gives them a quiet device that teachers definitely don’t notice every single time it is spun.


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