Story of “BEST SCHOOL ASSEMBLY” gone viral!!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of an assembly? Is it the word ‘boring’, well if it is then you should totally visit one of my school assemblies. You would be amazed to see how much fun we have. The last assembly of this academic year for our school was done by our amazing grade 9 students on the 12th of May 2017.

We have our school assembly every month and I along with my not friends are always eager to watch it. An assembly is a way to connect us with the rest of our school. However, maybe I should say a part of the school as we don’t meet all the teachers or our all of our peers every assembly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 7.17.25 PM

This assembly had a combination of live musical performance, some old amusing videos, some school/class news, some awareness videos and many more interesting things.


The preparation of this assembly began 4 weeks ago. At that time almost everyone volunteered to do something. There was a long list of performances to be done in the assembly such as a shadow show, a dance performance by the girls, a humorous act by the boys, a duet of piano and bassoon, a solo song and many more interesting things. Unfortunately a week before when the class had a meeting for the assembly, most of the performances got cancelled as no one prepared properly.

Days passed and finally the day came, the day of judgement, the day when the student showed their skills in front of everyone. The duet performance which was going to happen got cancelled at the last moment as the performers practised two different pieces. It was a complete mess and the whole class was nervous of how the assembly was going to be.

The assembly actually turned out really good. The teachers along with the students were really pleased. Our two famous M.Cs Luca and Nikki did an amazing job. Our assembly started by a video of our sailing trip. It got some old sweet memories back. Our school’s star, also considered, female Beethoven ‘Lucy’ played her own composition on the piano. It was truly amazing and created a mood of happiness. Her performance was supported by the lighting handled by our talented stage crew members. Later two of our students Hurshi and Ishcan talked about their Personal Projects. A Personal Project is a piece of work produced over an extended period, it is a part of the MYP programme. Hurshvi explained about how over the summer breaks she is going to teach a blind child to play the piano whereas Ishaan explained how he is going to design a model of a perfect bedroom according to someone’s personality.

Later on, our school’s Mozart Esther performed her piano composition, which was followed by a carpool karaoke video by Luca and Nikki. It was hilarious, we got to see a different side of our teachers. Then Hurshi performed a piece on piano and Meemansa played her composition. Then we watched an old video made by the boys of our class. The video was a Beluga Sturgeon advertisement for their precious caviar. It was impossible not to laugh.

The assembly was ended by a short film by one of our students visiting a refugee camp in Greece. It showed how she helped them.

Our MYP coordinator commented that it was the most impressive assembly he saw this year.

Our secondary school principal said that it was a perfect way to end all of the grade level assemblies. She also said, “It was the most amazing assembly of the school year.”



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