Youngest Soccer Team Demolishes Opponents!

The U12 Soccer Team has done a tremendous job in the NECIS Girls Soccer Tournament. They attended it this past weekend in Dusseldorf to show their expertise after all their hard training.

The girls arrived in Dusseldorf on the same fields as their last matches on Thursday evening but this time for NECIS. They were positively bursting with excitement, (as young children do) and looking incredibly ready. They could barely contain themselves for the matches ahead.


Their first game against the American School of the Hague was one of the closest, but it started off very unlucky for them. Our ‘Neuer’ -Sarah got injured and ASH ratted in a sneaky shot before she could be subbed out. Ava had to take over. Our striker, the girl who could easily take on their whole team, Paisley, stole across the pitch and picked up an easy goal. She managed one goal early on, unfortunately, the tides seemed to be turned against us with ASH scoring another 2 before halftime. There was nothing that could stop these girls in their first game of NECIS. ASH was up 3-1 at halftime, but Ava decided that it was time to show them what a true goalie looked like. With the precision and hand-eye coordination of a samurai, she blocked every shot that came her way after halftime. Their persistent tackling brought down their opponents like trees to chainsaws. In a spectacular last quarter, Paisley scored again with a follow-up goal in the last five minutes from midfielder Billie. It was tied and our secret weapon Linnea shot a super strong kick to finalise the score 3-4 to AIS.


In our second game our fanatical goalie, Sarah, came back determined to not let any balls in against Copenhagen International School. Another beautiful game was played with our amazing defence holding strong. Our team was seemed to be communicating telepathically. There was some sort of connection like in James Cameron’s Avatar. This was especially between Linnea and Amy as always. The underrated Billie scored another brilliant goal in the 3rd quarter. This could be expected by such a powerful midfielder in all aspects. In the last quarter, Selma scored one of the most clutch goals. This secured our confidence so we got the easy 2-0 win and a spot in the semi-final.

In our third game against the International School of Hamburg, the girls were on a role with Mia, Ivy and Ava. They were toppling their opponents with vast agility, speed, and skill. They were off the charts for most girls their age. By the end, they had a comfortable 2-1 win with easy goals from Billie and Linnea. The whole team worked together like a Roman powerhouse. Rolling through opponents like Alexander The Great through the Persians. The girls won all 3 games, while no other team in their group could say the same.

Day 2

Our first game on Saturday was against the International School of Luxembourg. We were up 1-0 at halftime thanks to our amazing striker, Paisley, and her goal. Sarah was like a mega shield and worked very hard to keep us from ISL’s ferocious attack. Talking to the ISL coach afterwards, she even admitted that we had them quivering in their boots in the first half. They thought they were doomed. Despite our great play from the whole team, “t’was not to be” as ultimately we lost and ISL went on to win the whole NECIS U12 tournament. Our final match was against Dusseldorf (ISD) where again, the deserved winners won. We know that the girls played their heart out and got 4th place while enjoying themselves. Had the season been longer we would have been a force for even U14 girls to be afraid of!



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